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A crazy idea, perhaps, but here goes...

Gentlepersons--My very best to all of you!


Might I respectfully suggest weekend meetings for this organization?  As an educator, especially one with students doing rotations around a major hospital, mid-week meetings mean hiring a substitute (not that one is available in my case) and leaving town in the middle of many ongoing activities.


I would be delighted to attend a Saturday afternoon meeting womewhere, with or without fancier meals and such, and might be…


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Critical need for culturally responsive health care

Hope this is a helpful resource for everyone:


Critical need for culturally responsive health care

By Jinyoung Chun

Guest Commentary

Posted: 06/10/2011 04:00:00 PM PDT

Updated: 06/10/2011 04:39:40 PM PDT

IMAGINE THAT you have multiple…


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Resource: LCHC op-ed on Latinos and culturally competent healthcare

Wanted to make sure everyone in the Consortium saw this op-ed from Latino Coalition for a Health California's Chad Silva that ran in Capitol Weekly. Please share it widely and feel free to use it as a resource or entry-point to talk about the importance of cultural competency.




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Nutrition Education Success Story

Recently the Model Neighborhood Program partnered with People's Grocery in West Oakland.  People's Grocery was already at the Alameda County Medical Center through the initiative of Michele Bunker-Alberts, NP and Dr. Savio in the Maternal Child Health Department.  Staff could purchase weekly Grub Boxes (think local organic produce) and pick them up at work.  The instigators of the ACMC Grub Box program wanted to do more with People's… Continue

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California Pan-Ethnic Health Network Bulletin on Health Workforce Diversity


This bulletin from the California Pan-Ethnic Health Network describes the sections of the American Recovery and

Reinvestment Act (ARRA) and the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACA) which support development of the

health care workforce, and highlights the opportunities to advance diversity in the health professions in California.  …


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Applications open for the Stanford Summer Health Careers Opportunity Program

The Stanford School of Medicine's Summer Health Careers Opportunity Program is an academically rigorous six-week residential program that encourages and provides an academic learning environment for 25 talented college sophomores and juniors who expect to graduate after the summer of 2013, who seek a career in medicine and have experienced educational or academic barriers.

In addition to free housing and meals, the Stanford Summer HCOP offers:

  • Research and clinical…

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Alameda County Health Pipeline Partnership (ACHPP): Young Men of Color Focus Group

The fact that males of color are underrepresented in health professions is an ever pervasive message that those of us involved in pipeline programs and health workforce diversity efforts hear and feel concerned about day in and day out. It is something we are reminded of as we evaluate our program demographics, only to see 10% to 20% of students are African American or Latino males; and yet these are primary subgroups we aim to serve.


In 2009, the Alameda County Health…


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The Model Neighborhood Program Celebration

The Model Neighborhood Program at the Alameda County Medical Center (ACMC) will be celebrating the successes of 22 eighth grade students who have been learning about health careers at ACMC since October of 2010.  The celebration will be at Highland Hospital on January 28th at 5:30 pm and will include digital stories created by the students who are wrapping up their internship.  Over the past few months students have learned about HIPAA, Standard Precautions, health inequities, health…


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CPCA Workforce Conference November 2011: Call for Presenters

The California Primary Care Association is convening the first annual conference on workforce development for Community Clinics and Health Centers (CCHCs). The conference will be held in Sacramento on November 2 and 3, 2011. We are looking for people who would like to propose a workshop or panel for the conference.…


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CHPC On-line Community Seeks New Participants and Postings

The Consortium wants to build on great connections and content from our successful state-wide pipeline conference by expanding our on-line community and resources. We want to advance towards our vision of a powerful state-wide pipeline network that supports each other, our students and programs. We also want to increase our collective advocacy and action to advance health workforce diversity and quality, culturally competent care to our communities.

To achieve these goals, we…


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Health TECH Academy

I am very proud to be the coordinator for the Health TECH Academy, a California Partnership Academy. Health TECH runs out of Valley High School in Sacramento.

For regular updates on the academy and our work in cultural competence, please see Rodney Black's page in CHPC. He is the project coordinator for our Cultural Awareness and Community Health Education (CACHE) Project, and it made good sense that he would maintain that information. I will use my page for any general academy… Continue

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The Valley High School Health TECH Academy Cultural Awareness Community Health Education (CACHE) Outreach Project


In the spring of 2008, Dr. Lisa Liu, a Kaiser Permanente (KP) physician, proposed a joint partnership between Kaiser Permanente and the Valley High School Health TECH Academy to address a growing need – culturally competent health care. This partnership gave birth to the Cultural Awareness Community Health Education (CACHE) outreach project. Health TECH students from identified ethnic backgrounds work within their own community to identify public health problems that are… Continue

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CHPC Director Appointed to New National Health Care Workforce Commission

Press Release

GAO Announces Appointments to New National Health Care Workforce Commission

WASHINGTON, DC (September 30, 2010) – Gene L. Dodaro, Acting Comptroller General of the United States and head of the U.S. Government Accountability Office (GAO), today announced the appointment of 15 members to the new National Health Care Workforce… Continue

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Medical errors resulting from lack of language competency?

Does anyone have examples of medical errors caused by poor translation? They would help us make the case in the news media that we need a culturally competent health workforce.

Here's the Pediatrics study on related to this:, as well as a Chicago Tribune story on the research:… Continue

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