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CHPC On-line Community Seeks New Participants and Postings

The Consortium wants to build on great connections and content from our successful state-wide pipeline conference by expanding our on-line community and resources. We want to advance towards our vision of a powerful state-wide pipeline network that supports each other, our students and programs. We also want to increase our collective advocacy and action to advance health workforce diversity and quality, culturally competent care to our communities.

To achieve these goals, we are seeking to have 100 new participants in our on-line community who join and make a posting by Nov 1 and 200 by 12/15. I am confident we can do it! Please get your colleagues to join and get engaged. The more we contribute, the more beneficial and influential our on-line community will be. I look forward to increasing my connectivity with you and what we will do together.

Hey, this is my first blog entry ever. It wasnt so hard and it feels good to become part of the way we and our students communicate! Give it a try!

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