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Recently the Model Neighborhood Program partnered with People's Grocery in West Oakland.  People's Grocery was already at the Alameda County Medical Center through the initiative of Michele Bunker-Alberts, NP and Dr. Savio in the Maternal Child Health Department.  Staff could purchase weekly Grub Boxes (think local organic produce) and pick them up at work.  The instigators of the ACMC Grub Box program wanted to do more with People's Grocery and so did we.  We wanted our youth to have weekly access to the Grub Box and use it as a platform for nutrition education and to give students access to healthy food.  Through a grant from the Alameda County Pipeline Partnership we were able to add 6 Grub Boxes per week to our program serving 25-35 students ages 13-18.  Every week our High School Students prepare a few fruits and vegetables and arm themselves with nutrition facts before heading to the Pediatric Clinic where they hand out samples and educate the clients of the medical center.  Last week before going to Pediatrics, Jennessa said "I eat healthier on Grub Box day than any other day of the week.  I can't help it, it's just right in front of me and it tastes so good!" 

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